About Us


To be “the” Innovation Consulting Firm that empowers companies to develop and sustain innovation.


To bring sustainable wealth and prosperity to people and businesses through innovation, facilitation, and education.

Our Beliefs: 

Disruptive technology and new innovations are being developed at a rapid pace. Entire industries are being forced to adapt to the new innovations that are on the horizon such as block-chain technology, AI, machine learning, and quantum computing. Consumer demands are also changing rapidly as a result of innovative business models and the use of social media across many industries. Companies are now being forced to innovate in order to sustain their business. We believe that developing a culture for innovation is imperative for businesses to be sustainable.

Who We Are:

Jonah Barnes-Moore


Jonah Barnes-Moore is the Founder and CEO of JBM Consultants and author of The Counter Innovation Theory. Jonah received his MBA from St Mary’s College of California in 2019. He specializes in disruption and innovation strategy to help businesses build a sustainable future. He developed the Counter Innovation Theory which is a simple and efficient process to reverse engineer innovation and identify disruption opportunities. Jonah has studied many innovation theories over his academic career such as Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruption, the Diffusion of Innovations Theory, Design-Thinking approach, Lean Start-up, and Agile Methodology. Jonah believes that innovations have pushed humanity to greater heights consistently throughout history. He started his innovation consulting service to contribute to humanity by bringing the most innovative ideas to life.

Eina D. Barnes


Eina D. Barnes holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pan African Studies and has been an executive recruiter for over 20 years working with Biotech and Pharmaceutical Executives. She served as Vice President of Recruitment and Corporate Head of Diversity for one of the oldest retained executive search and consulting firms dedicated to the life science industries. In 2005 she received the Rising Star Award from the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association for her tireless dedication and commitment to diversity recruitment within the Healthcare sectors. Prior to that she owned and operated a temporary and permanent employment agency which served multiple business sectors including finance, legal, retail and IT. Currently Eina owns and operates her own recruitment firm, E Barnes & Associates and continues her commitment to diversity recruitment.